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TFT Youth Associates

Ages 16 - 25

TFT Youth Associates is open to people aged 16 to 25. We run weekly sessions on Thursdays from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The ethos of our associate program is to form a theatre company of like-minded actors that produce work that is fresh, relevant and challenging. 


Sessions accumulate into public performances which are usually performed at one of our three theatre venues: the Oak Theatre, the Acorn Studio and the Great Barn. These comprise of full-scale musical productions, devised and scripted studio-based performances, musical concerts and performances at local festivals and events. 


In addition to our weekly sessions, we offer our associates regular catch-up sessions where they can come in for a coffee and chat, or work with our team on that monologue they are preparing for an audition, or get some advice and guidance on a career in the arts, or seek support on an independent project they have got going on in the background, all in a safe and professional working environment. 

We charge £96 per term, there are no additional or hidden fees.